Is John Piper an antinomian?

Is John Piper an antinomian? This is a serious question, for antinomianism is considered by most Bible-believing Christians to be a heresy. It follows that an accusation of antinomianism cannot be lightly made. The purpose of this booklet is to provide the evidence on which the charge of antinomianism is levelled against John Piper’s ministry. The starting point of the case against Piper must be the ‘Ask Pastor John’ (AJP) interview recorded in 2010, when he was asked the straightforward question, ‘Are Christians under the Ten Commandments?’ His response is unequivocal: ‘No! The Bible says we’re not under the law.’ Piper has relied on what many see as the proof-text for antinomianism, namely Romans 6.14—he quotes part of this verse out of context: ‘We’re not under the law!’

In The Law and the Gospel (1997), Ernest Reisinger, a Reformed Baptist pastor and author, comments:

‘one of the most misquoted, misunderstood, and misapplied verses in all the Bible is Roman 6.14. The second part of the verse is usually quoted out of context: “You are not under the law but under grace”. Quoting only that part of the verse while ignoring the first clause (“Sin shall not have dominion over you”) distorts the meaning of the passage altogether. To do so is to separate what God has joined together, and the sad result of this separation is a generation of lost, lawless, antinomian church members.’

The embedded video seeks to provide the evidence which reveals Piper’s commitment to antinomisnism.

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