Review of Engaging with Keller

We believe that the evidence presented in our review of Engaging with Keller (2013)
provides overwhelming proof that Dr Tim Keller is not orthodox in his theology, and he
certainly does not demonstrate a commitment to sound Reformed doctrine. An
examination of Keller’s theology shows that he uses Scripture to support his
own ideas and to further his own agenda. We have seen nothing that convinces us
that Keller preaches the true gospel of Christ.

Keller’s flawed version of truth

We have posted an article which shows that the so-called ‘chastened correspondence theory’ of truth, promoted by Tim Keller and his friends in the New Calvinism movement, leads to a flawed understanding of Scripture and a flawed presentation of the Gospel. This is a vitally important issue, for The Gospel Coalition is a network that vigorously promotes the New Calvinism that is taking over evangelical Christianity in the USA and elsewhere. We refer reader to an excellent article by theologian Stephen M Cope, entitled, ‘The Gospel Coalition: The New Calvinism’s Attack on the Bible and its Epistemology’.

Keller and the mystics

Tim Keller and St Teresa of Avila

Dr Tim Keller is one of the biggest names in Reformed Christianity, and widely accepted as a leading spokesman of the New Calvinism movement. Our two videos, entitled ‘Keller and the mystics’, provide incontrovertible evidence that Dr Tim Keller, who puts himself forward as a Reformed theologian and minister of the true gospel, and teaches practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary actually promotes and practices Catholic mysticism, and is devoted to the mystics of the Roman Catholic Church.

Tim Keller’s political motivation

In his best-seller, The Reason for God, Keller says that he was ‘heavily influenced by the neo-Marxist critical theory of the Frankfurt School. He writes: ‘The social activism was particulary attractive, and the critique of American bourgeoisie society was compelling’. He admits that he ‘was emotionally’ drawn to the social activism of the neo-Marxists. Keller explains that when he found a band of brothers, ‘Christians who had a concern for justice in the world, things began to change for him. He looks forward to his followers being the ‘vanguard of some major new religious, social and political arrangements’. In this video we show that Keller’s political motivation is similar to the liberation theology of the Roman Catholic Church. Keller presents Jesus as a political saviour who identified with the poor and oppressed.

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Subversion of Evangelicalism

We have posted a video, Subversion of Evangelicalism, which describes the downgrade of evangelical Christianity over the last half century. We see the compromise of the New Evangelicals, such as Billy Graham, the influence of Norman Vincent Peale and positive psychology, the folly of the Church Growth Movement, the false teachings of Rick Warren and his PEACE Plan, the amazing growth of New Calvinism and the comtemporary worship scene. We conclude that Jonathan Edwards was right to warn that the greatest danger facing the true faith is the counterfeit church, designed for unbelievers.

The New Calvinists

The past decade has seen rapid growth in the ideas and ministry of a movement that has become known as ‘New Calvinism’. Such is its influence that an article in Time magazine (March 2009), which presented a list of ‘10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now’, placed New Calvinism third on the list.

We contend that New Calvinism is a movement that is based on the ideas of men rather than God’s Word. Rather than proclaiming the faith once delivered to the saints, New Calvinism seeks a religion that is pleasing to men, a religion that glories in contemporary worship and that encourages worldly behaviour in the church. New Calvinism is a movement that skilfully combines the holy with the profane, and that has carelessly separated conduct and doctrine. The result is a confused religion that tends towards antinomianism and unbecoming, undignified conduct in the church.  Prominent leaders of the New Calvinist movement include Dr John Piper, Pastor Mark Driscoll, Dr Tim Keller and Dr Albert Mohler among many others.,28804,1884779_1884782_1884760,00.html